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MFA in Social Impact Entertainment at UCLA TFT

This will be the world’s first graduate MFA degree developed and launched at a major R1 university for the emerging field of social impact entertainment.


The goal is to nurture and educate a new generation of artists, scholars, and industry leaders who will possess both an inherent and trained focus on the power of humanistic story and social impact entertainment in ways that will influence near and long-term decision making in the creation and distribution of content across the broad spectrum of the entertainment and performing arts industries, including but not limited to: film, television, theater, immersive live content, and digital.

The role of the Skoll Center for SIE will to support through grant making the UCLA TFT faculty as they create the curriculum and all aspects related to the MFA degree program. Planning for the MFA program is underway, with an anticipated launch in 2020-2021.