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Data consultants
Andy Morris, Director of Strategy & Research, GOOD Media Group
Marchela Iahdjian, Project Manager, GOOD Media Group
Navitri Putri Guillaume, Ph.D.
Melody Mohebi, Ph.D.
Holly Seely, M.A. ’19
Natalie R. George, M.A.

Research students
Jane Lee
Rishi Guné
Antonia Thornton
Amanda Hayes
Adriana Santorelli

Dean Teri Schwartz and Peter Bisanz would like to give special thanks to:
Jeff Skoll
David Linde
Lindsey Spindle
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Bonnie Abaunza
Lynn Hirshfield
Andrew Stewart
Amanda Chen
Eric Esrailian, M.D., M.P.H.
Alan Ladd, Jr.
Bill and Judith Moyers
Patrick J. Flood
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Jane and Vincent Firth
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