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UCLA TFT Future Storytelling Summer Institute

Through support from the Skoll Center for SIE, a group of selected students and faculty from UCLA TFT set the stage for new explorations at TFT and in their own creative work through their participation in this summer institute. Under the mentorship of institute faculty, students learn how to use cutting-edge technology to explore new forms of storytelling and performance.


The Future Storytelling Summer Institute is an intensive, invitation-only program for students at UCLA TFT. It was first offered in 2014 as a special summer initiative of former Dean Teri Schwartz and is now supported by the Skoll Center for Social Impact Entertainment. It explores new forms of storytelling for social impact enabled by emerging technologies through hands-on, collaborative creation informed by critical scholarship. An important venue for piloting student and faculty engagement with new technologies, the Institute offers a full-time, multidisciplinary, atelier-style creative environment only possible in the summer. Past institutes have explored topics in augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

For more about the Future Storytelling Summer Institute, you can check out this video from the 2018 institute: